Static Rhyme

She tore off her skin

She dug out her eyes

To cover over her body of lies.



‘The Plant’- Short Film

It’s time to share with you guys the other half of my life. A darker side that I hope you will at least try to understand or tolerate. ‘The Plant’ is a tale of abject misery entwined with the bitterness of love and betrayal. Jim is a clinically insane farmer who is being held at the Gloucestershire clinic for plantslaughter. Dan, his therapist, attempts to understand the complexities of his affliction. His questions begin to unfold a tale of misfortune that cannot be unheard or suppressed.

To this day I still have a great deal of pride for this short, experimental film. Though it was my first, it surely will not be the last of The Plant with plans to remaster the original into a feature length film. I would love to hear your comments, especially given the fact that I have some residential film buffs on my list of followers! Would you watch a feature length film of the plant? Is it too strange to subject anyone else to this madness?

Watch ‘The Plant’ Here!

I’m so, so sorry!

Genre: Experimental, Dark Comedy

Director: Daniel Gibbon


Wings of Prey

In light of Halloween I am going to do several, darker themed posts including photography, some experiences and some artwork. I decided today to try my hand at some indoor photography, experimenting with what little lighting I have and objects around what we call in my house-share ‘The Snug’. To the untrained eye it is but a shed, but to the people who understand the intricacies of the rules, events and awards; it is much, much more. I intended to be somewhat controversial on this one. Rarely do you find people who actively seek out images of dead birds. I felt compelled to make it upon finding the already deceased pidgin at the end of my garden when searching for apples for a different photo I originally planned to take. I find the detail within the sternum mesmerizing, the out of focus statue menacing and the protruding wings add an air of impending doom, as though it was about to pounce.

Intricacy of Stone Expression:


I enjoy the business of this image, the cold stare of the statue with the overseeing vulture ominously perched above it makes me think of loss.

Beautiful Decay:


An additional image that is not of the same theme but I thought I would share. I took this in the heart of Coventry city, a small patch of vibrant colors in a realm of block grey and industry. The display sports a vast spectrum of different color flowers, I found this small collection of dying ones in the centre of it. Much like the display itself, these stands out as the odd one out, this time the less beautiful surrounded by perfection. Even beauty has its dark side.

So what did you think of these? I would love  to hear any and all feedback!