Dark Room

A dark room

Not so dark

When lights emerge

With pulsing color

A dream state

Made real with vision


A subtle cry

Yet no one home

Alone again

No tears of sorrow

But mine that tap

With time as an echo


Tick away

The clock will sound

Another day

Another tomorrow

The whimper I hear

Is not of my own


Whose is this torment?

A woman’s sobbing

That turns to laughter

With mockery

Or abject humor

My thoughts ablaze


Whispering comes

Yet no thoughts spoken

I obscure these words

Never to see

Nor speak

But felt by those who hide


Rest now

Ignore pulsing lights

Or shadows that darken

Or brighten days

These twisted sights

To be forever forgotten.


The Blank

A shadow darkens the doorway

Silent screams muffled by fear

Growing presence clouds the mind

Cool sweat seeps onto warming skin


Black sockets obscure glowing eyes

Victims fetal and crumble with pressure

A creak brings trembling among prowess

Strikes lethal intention within


As darkness approaches

So do goosebumps emerge

Solace weeps silent wisdom

Only a ghoul remains taught in sin


Brace the ongoing tyrant

Evil personified by hatred

Lay five scattered bodies

Hallucinations from within


Blame not the disfigured man

Approaching with a raised hatchet

Blood pouring in malice

Bleeding terror from hymen


Madness blamed by insanity

Insanity provoked from the cause

Black ooze protruding from eyes

Prevalent horror begins


He is a blank.

‘The Plant’- Short Film

It’s time to share with you guys the other half of my life. A darker side that I hope you will at least try to understand or tolerate. ‘The Plant’ is a tale of abject misery entwined with the bitterness of love and betrayal. Jim is a clinically insane farmer who is being held at the Gloucestershire clinic for plantslaughter. Dan, his therapist, attempts to understand the complexities of his affliction. His questions begin to unfold a tale of misfortune that cannot be unheard or suppressed.

To this day I still have a great deal of pride for this short, experimental film. Though it was my first, it surely will not be the last of The Plant with plans to remaster the original into a feature length film. I would love to hear your comments, especially given the fact that I have some residential film buffs on my list of followers! Would you watch a feature length film of the plant? Is it too strange to subject anyone else to this madness?

Watch ‘The Plant’ Here!

I’m so, so sorry!

Genre: Experimental, Dark Comedy

Director: Daniel Gibbon