Obscured Sunset

Silver linings obscure a golden sunset

Blackening hearts outmatched by light

A ray of sun scares the idle crow

A single bell begins a melody 

Another cloud

Another darkness

A gust to chill the warmest blood


Blue skies gray

Trees  turned black

A teardrop falls

Warmth feels cold

Love felt lost

Days forever gone

Without her loving touch


Crumpled leaves litter an empty path


A clear canvas lies ahead

Gone is the day of adventure

The setting sun turns your head

As you begin to walk a road

Walked by you 

And you alone.









Legalize Weed UK?

The subject of whether or not to legalize marijuana in the United Kingdom is often whispered in hush tones. Support of such a proposal is considered almost blasphemous to the hierarchies who demonize it as a recreational activity for the lazy and the stupid. Despite our brothers in the US setting a clear example of harmony between this ‘drug’ and economy with Colorado as a prime example, reaching a $50 billion profit from legal cannabis sales; the UK continues to ignore the proposal. A working example of cannabis integration into society with a slogan that reads “less crime, more schools”. Yet here we are, a miserable country with our primary schools slowly shutting down with this looming terror of killer clowns. Individuals probably so bored, so restless of how little interesting things there are to do here that they have adopted violence as a solution to their ever growing spare time. Not to mention the fact that jobs are seeming to become not so dissimilar from a prancing unicorn, probably headed for a country where it can at least relax with a drug with proven health benefits as opposed to the notion of poisoning ourselves with binge drinking as a legal alternative. It is ridiculous! “Here have some poison… why not? The government said it is fine! Cost the NHS 6 BILLION EACH AND EVERY FUCKING YEAR! Go out, get drunk, start a fight from being so out of control of your bodily functions that you are left a rage full mess!”

Binge drinking alcohol is BAD for this country! Sure, in moderation it is fine, a few drinks with some friends can yield a terrific night. But do not come to me and say marijuana will cause me harm. Marijuana will not cause everyone who tries it to become a violent schizophrenic. Sure, if you are predisposed to being schizophrenic it can trigger it, but so can alcohol, gambling or pretty much anything considered legal by society. I can see why most people believe it, it is because we have been consistently subject to a string of misinformation since the days of primary school. I remember not even knowing what a drug was and being made to stand before my peers at the age of 11, spewing ‘facts’ found on pre-printed sheets they handed to us detailing how marijuana will kill you. If that isn’t brain washing, I don’t know what is.

A social stigma has been generated against users of the drug, setting them aside from the hard working individuals as the unemployed, uninterested ‘indictments’ of this generation. I am sick of it. We should all be tired of having friends thrown into jail for enjoying a drug which has helped the US in so many regions. Why not blow the lid off this silly state by state legalization and have it available everywhere. The UK (may) eventually get around to it, like it is a stack of dirty dishes ready to be cleaned yet remain. They could be taxing it, selling it, improving infrastructure, reopening schools… but no, the law remains unchanged and idle as the superpowers of this country seem to relish doing.


Rant over, tell me what you think.


Spider Killa of the Week

Let me explain… So I receive at least one spider bite every day, usually from entering a little known place we like to call ‘The Snug’. It is a place of relaxation, a place to game and provides decent lighting for my photography. The only problem (despite being a mess) is the spiders. They range from cutesy little ones to false widows that leave nasty bite marks. We came up with an efficient, pain free solution for exterminating the little buggers… A hammer.




The hammer (usually) sits in the ‘Spider killing utensil permissible zone’ but has been moved. The ‘zone’ is to ensure nobody hangs onto the hammer as it has resulted in physical confrontation, gorilla noises and getting wieldy with weapons. We have agreed to use our indoors voices.

The winner is announced during “Gentleman’s Club”, a deceiving title to our weekly congregation which accepts both males and females who have passed initiation. My picture has remained upon the board of misfortune for 6 weeks since the beginning of our club. Alas, my picture was taken down recently and a new winner replaced me. GC will remain shrouded in mystery, its laws are sacred and bound to members only.





My beautiful picture!

Check out Jennifers prompt here!




Chasing the Dragon

Ride the dragon that the lost chase

Lead them to a desolate place

Burn down the bridges

Lead the stranded to their fate

What was an idea forms reality through malice

Its painful

Spawns laughter

Through hatred and anger

Justified killing for boredom and humor

When the ashes settle your God will see

It was this world that created me

A monster

A demon

A skeptic formed from rubble

The church roof has fallen

The waters left tainted

This child you bring us contaminates the sacred


The artwork was hand drawn and edited by yours truly. It is a piece I have been working on for the best part of 2 weeks. Any feedback on the poetry or the artwork would be much appreciated!


Alone I sit in abeyant slumber

A wishful word seeps ominous breath

Under lines written yet never spoken

A messaged bottle sunk deep into darkness

A reflective glimmer to entice curious hands

Reach towards with bated wisdom

Take heed the muffled cries

A severed tongue speaks no warning

The shining light only grows more distant

Thrashing water quickly returns to still and calm

The perfect murder with hidden tracks

Another victim of the bridge

Awaits others yet to join.


Photo taken in City Bank, Cirencester.